About Izizzi

Izizzi is easy to WIN!

Izizzi Lottery is the only majority Jamaican-owned lottery and the first fully digital lottery that is so easy to play and to win! Izizzi presents lottery players island wide with the newest, safest, and most secure innovative technologies from the industry.

For Players

The new and exciting Izizzi lottery offers the most competitive lottery games, including 1DropHaTTrik, 4Play, Lucky Day Lotto and Quickie with more ways to play, more draws to play and more prizes to win!

Izizzi Lottery offers players the highest payouts for any licensed lottery games in the island with our 1 Drop 1 of 36 game, HaTTrik the 3 ball game, 4Play the 4 ball games, Lucky Day Lotto our 5 of 20 game and Quickie the all-day game played every 4 minutes.  Izizzi also introduces our addon Fireball feature which allows players to increase their winnings across all games.  Play Fireball with any game to win even more!

Izizzi games are conveniently available island wide from both established and new retailers.

For Retailers

Whether you are an existing lottery retailer or would like to add lottery products to your store Izizzi can help you enhance your overall business.  By adding a greater range of entertainment options to their portfolios, retailers can boost customer loyalty, increase footfall and overall revenue potential for any shop.

In addition to lottery Izizzi will also be offering prepaid phone top ups and video lottery terminals (slots) in the future.

If you are interested in becoming an Izizzi lottery retailer please visit www.mahoegaming.com and click on the “Become a Retailer” tab.  We are continuing to expand throughout all areas of Jamaica and offer a comprehensive onboarding process with training and many branding options for any style of retailer.

For Jamaicans

Izizzi is a boost for Jamaica. In addition to increasing Government of Jamaica revenues from the good cause taxes levied on lotteries, Izizzi has already brought extensive economic benefit to Jamaica through substantial investment in infrastructure, the employment of a broad base of vendors and the creation of many new employment opportunities.

Izizzi is also hard at work in the establishment of a strong corporate social responsibility program to provide even greater benefits to the communities which will support our company.

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Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Mahoe Gaming Enterprises Limited (MGEL) is providing new lottery games to Jamaica with more ways to play and win through innovative lottery technologies.

Game Responsibly. You must be 18 years and over to play. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, visit, RISE Life Management Services or call (876) 967-3777.

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