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Remember to bring a valid government-issued ID (Driver’s Licence, Passport, Voter’s ID) when making your claim.

When ready, here’s where you can redeem your winnings:

  • Prizes up to $54,999: any Mahoe Gaming Retailer
  • Prizes between $55,000 and $300,000: any Mahoe Gaming Retail Centre
  • Prizes of $300,001 and more at the Mahoe Gaming Prize Payment Centre – 28 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston

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This tool only verifies whether a ticket is or isn't a winning ticket. Any prize must be confirmed and claimed by presenting the ticket in accordance with the indications found on the back of the ticket.

Please note:

  • Tickets will be deemed void and not paid if illegible, previously paid, mutilated or altered in any way
  • Mahoe Gaming reserves the right to publish the name and photograph of all prize winners of its lottery games or promotions
  • All tickets, transactions and winners are subject to the Rules, Regulations and Procedures of Mahoe Gaming Enterprise as approved by the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission and the provisions of the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Act and any regulation made thereunder
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