Lottery win sends woman to doctor

Fearful that her blood pressure could spike to troubling levels, a Manchester lottery winner wasted no time in seeking medical attention in an effort to manage her overwhelming excitement after hitting the jackpot.

Originally published at, The Star

‘Wonder Woman’ wins Izizzi Millions Jackpot

A small business owner from St Ann is the newest winner of the Izizzi Millions Jackpot. The woman, disguised in a large Wonder Woman mask, collected her winnings of just over $2.3 million after playing the American Roulette slot game.

Originally published at, Jamaica Observer

As ‘Izizzi’ as that

R. Smith, the first Izizzi Millions jackpot winner, is ecstatic as she is presented with a symbolic cheque by Izizzi Lottery officials Tashia Hutton director of business development and regulatory affairs, and Romario Ashley, games ambassador.

Originally published at, Jamaica Observer

Mahoe Gaming launches ‘Video Lottery Terminals’

Mahoe Gaming, operator of the Izizzi lottery games, and the major new entrant in the Jamaican gaming and entertainment space, has moved to bring further innovation and enhanced player entertainment to the island with the launch of Jamaica’s first Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) network.

The state-of-the-art gaming machines are being launched with the four games of: American Roulette, Video Poker, Blackjack and a spinning reel type game called Greek Gods, plus three progressive jackpots called Izizzi Millions Jackpot, Greek Gods Jackpot and Yaad Winnings Jackpot.

A progressive jackpot means the amount of the jackpot grows by a portion of each spin on the machine and both Izizzi Millions Jackpot and the Greek Gods Jackpot are islandwide jackpots.

This means the jackpot, or likely payout for the games, grow with each spin on every machine across the entire country generating bigger and bigger jackpots.

The third jackpot, Yaad Winnings, is a jackpot for each venue which also grows by each spin of every machine in that location.

Originally published at, Jamaica Observer

Mahoe Gaming Enterprise Ltd. Logo

Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Mahoe Gaming Enterprises Limited (MGEL) is providing new lottery games to Jamaica with more ways to play and win through innovative lottery technologies.

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